Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Byron Cook Killed pro-Life Legislation

"They sharpen their tongues like a serpent;
The poison of asps is under their lips."
Psalm 140:3

After slow walking the bill for weeks then deliberately watering it down, on Tuesday night Byron Cook chose to assault the first amendment rather than protect the unborn:

  • Schaefer tries to get Cook to postpone the "ethics" bill until after voting on the campus carry and pro-life bills.
Texas Right to Life has A LOT more here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Texas House creates ANOTHER Open Carry Hurdle

"Though his hatred is covered by deceit,
His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly."
Proverbs 26:26

Shortly after 6pm this evening, the Texas House failed to concur with the Senate version of HB 910, the (already watered down) open carry bill.  This means the bill will go to a conference committee.  Both chambers will now have to approve a conference report.

Also worth noting is that House leadership appointed Panic-button Poncho and Charlie Geren to the conference committee.

Senator John Whitmire (D - Houston) has already vowed to filibuster the bill if it hits the Senate floor late enough.  It's often said in the Texas Legislature that "delay equals death."  Read into that what you will.


The Trib has more here.


Don Huffines put out the following statement:
Our police officers in Texas do amazing work and act as professionals under the most difficult of circumstances. I have...
Posted by Don Huffines on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cook's Fiasco "Ethics" Bill draws Senate Rebuke

"But they are altogether dull-hearted and foolish;
A wooden idol is a worthless doctrine."
Jeremiah 10:8

Van Taylor puts Cook in his place:
“The purpose of the Senate’s ethics package, which was applauded by Governor Abbott who placed this charge on his emergency call, is to put a mirror on elected officials and affirm to the people that our efforts to represent them rise above even the appearance of impropriety or self-service,” stated Taylor.

“Some in the House apparently don’t think elected officials are the problem and instead muddled the bill with a litany of bizarre measures that point the finger at everyone besides themselves, including a page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook to launch an assault on the First Amendment. This is one of those head shaking moments that rightfully raise doubts in the minds of our constituents as to the Legislature’s resolve to serve the people above all else.”


However, the House State Affairs Committee morphed the bill from meaningful ethics reform of government officials to attacks on civil liberties and additional protections for elected officers. The changes were so out of line with the original purpose of the bill that the House committee had to change the bill’s caption. Instead, the House reached for non-germane and unconstitutional provisions including the forced disclosure of donors of non-profit organizations in order to engage in political speech.
Read the whole thing here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Texas House votes to censor filming legislators

"Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips
And from a deceitful tongue."
Psalm 120:2

One of the most egregious provisions of Byron Cook's re-written "ethics" bill currently being debated on the Texas House floor would open citizen journalists to lawsuits if they film a legislator without the legislator's knowledge.  Representative Matt Schaefer offered an amendment to strip that provision from the bill.  During the debate, Cook and Representative Jessica Farrar whined about how it was just so dadgum mean to do ambush interviews of legislators without knowing who signs their paychecks.

Schaefer, David Simpson, and Jonathan Stickland, meanwhile, explained how filming legislators is a tool for citizen journalists to hold elected officials accountable; Pat Fallon explained that, even if the elected officials don't like it, ambush interviews come with the territory.

The amendment failed 66-74:
RV# 1539 — Unofficial Totals66 Yeas, 74 Nays, 3 Present, not voting
Yeas - Anderson, C.; Anderson, R.; Ashby; Bell; Bohac; Bonnen, G.; Burns; Burrows; Canales; Craddick; Crownover; Cyrier; Dale; Davis, S.; Fallon; Fletcher; Flynn; Frank; Goldman; Gonzales; Guillen; Gutierrez; Huberty; Hughes; Keough; King, P.; King, S.; Klick; Koop; Krause; Landgraf; Larson; Laubenberg; Leach; Lozano; Metcalf; Meyer; Miles; Murphy; Murr; Paddie; Parker; Paul; Phelan; Price; Rinaldi; Rodriguez, E.; Sanford; Schaefer; Schofield; Shaheen; Simmons; Simpson; Smithee; Spitzer; Springer; Stickland; Thompson, E.; Tinderholt; Turner, E.S.; VanDeaver; White, J.; White, M.; Wray; Zedler; Zerwas
Nays - Allen; Alonzo; Alvarado; Anchia; Aycock; Bernal; Blanco; Bonnen, D.; Button; Clardy; Coleman; Collier; Cook; Darby; Davis, Y.; Deshotel; Dukes; Dutton; Elkins; Faircloth; Farias; Farrar; Frullo; Galindo; Geren; Giddings; González; Guerra; Harless; Hernandez; Herrero; Howard; Hunter; Isaac; Israel; Johnson; Kacal; King, K.; King, T.; Kuempel; Longoria; Lucio; Márquez; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; McClendon; Miller, D.; Miller, R.; Minjarez; Moody; Muñoz; Naishtat; Nevárez; Oliveira; Otto; Phillips; Pickett; Raney; Raymond; Reynolds; Riddle; Rodriguez, J.; Romero; Rose; Schubert; Sheffield; Smith; Thompson, S.; Turner, C.; Villalba; Vo; Walle; Workman; Wu
Present, not voting - Mr. Speaker; Sheets(C); Turner, S.
Absent - Burkett; Capriglione; Farney; Keffer; Morrison; Peña; Stephenson

First Amendment Tuesday: Detailing all the Wreckage

"and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel,"
Ephesians 6:19

Today is the deadline for worthwhile bills to move in the legislature; on that note, First Amendment Tuesday this morning detailed the bills stuck behind an absolutely AWFUL "Ethics" bill.

Tony McDonald (Empower Texans) (Partial):

  • SB 19, by Byron Cook, would prohibit Churches from passing collection plates.

  • American laws for American courts is dead.
  • Debbie Riddle was an initial sponsor of ALAC.
  • 1/3 of the adoption agencies in Texas are faith based.

  • TLO is one of the best uses of our tax dollars.
  • SB 313 (Seliger) -- AWFUL bill would re-write TEKS.
    • HB 2811 (Huberty) also viable
  • SB 1200 -- Larry Taylor has a bill that would undermine State Board of Education.
  • "If the foundations are destroyed...."
  • SB 9 is TERRIBLE now; worse than doing nothing.

  • The left is radically opposed to religious freedom.
  • Anything on religious liberty is "Indiana-style."
  • SB 206 -- Amendment by Scott Sanford.
  • SB 19 is a threat to everyone.


  • SB 575:
    • Would have originally banned abortion coverage under Obamacare, Private Insurance, and State Employee Plans.
    • Byron Cook delayed it then gutted it.
    • TxRTL was offered a deal on SB 575 for pulling amendments on Sunset Bills
    • Debbie Riddle and Patricia Harless voted no.
    • Sarah Davis and Patrica Harless were trying to break Quorum.
    • SB 575 will only hit the floor at 11:50 pm (if at all).
    • HB 3994 is a GREAT bill.

Mr. McRaven's final assault on campus carry

"Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me."
Nehemiah 4:18

"The presence of handguns on Texas campuses, where we would be one of fewer than 10 states to allow this conduct, may well cause faculty to be discouraged from relocating from other states," wrote McRaven, best known for leading the raid that killed Osama bin Laden during his tenure as the head of U.S. Special Operations Command. "The intuitive answer is that the presence of concealed weapons will make us less competitive."

McRaven wrote the letter, dated April 20, in response to questions from Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie. The letter was distributed House-wide Monday morning, the day before the chamber is scheduled to debate Senate Bill 11, which would allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed handguns into college buildings and dormitories. Currently, concealed handgun licensees only are allowed to bring their guns into the open, outdoor areas of campuses.


"In addressing these costs, our campuses will either need increased revenue or be compelled to reduce or discontinue other services or activities," McRaven wrote. His letter included a number of suggestions for how to improve the campus carry legislation, including prohibiting concealed handguns in campus buildings that house mental health and crisis counseling centers.
Read the whole thing here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

#TXLEGE attempting Common Core Backdoor

"Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man,
But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel."
Proverbs 20:17

Oh good grief, from Texas Eagle Forum:
sTexas Eagle Forum is also alerting you to help stop a pincer-type attack scheduled in both the House and the Senate on Monday, May 25.

SB 313 by Seliger is on the House General State Calendar today, Monday, May 25 – NOT on the Senate Local and Uncontested Calendar for Sunday, as incorrectly reported in our May 24 Alert.

HB 2811 by Ken King is on the Senate Calendar, under Regular Order of Business today, Monday, May 25 - NOT on the House Daily Calendar for Sunday, as incorrectly reported in our May 24 Alert.

These are identical bills, and this scheme MUST be stopped!!


Reasons to vote “NO” on SB 313 and HB 2811:

· Bills are unnecessary – the SBOE is already working on reducing the number of TEKS taught.

· Exposes our outstanding Type#1 (traditional, fact-based) English / Language Arts / Reading TEKS, Math TEKS, and pro-American Social Studies TEKS to being re-written by progressives who will revert to Type #2 TEKS:

· Throws a monkey wrench into the TEKS revision

Cycle already set in place and functioning

· Robs the PSF – the children’s textbook fund

· Creates impossible task for the State Board of Education

· Provides opportunities for technology companies (one of which supported one of the bills) to make lots of money

These bills can come up at any time; time is of the essence!!!

Senator Kel Seliger:  (512) 463-0131

Representative Dan Huberty: (512) 463-0520